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Open All Year Campsites in France That Will Welcome Your Caravan

Are you heading to Spain or Portugal searching for some sun?

Vowed never to cross the Bay of Biscay again!

Towing through France between November and March can be an easy option - it just needs a bit of pre planning.

Travelling through France in winter can be a delight. Campsites are quieter, the caravan is cosy and I swear in the colder months the red wine and cheese tastes better!

It can be difficult to find a campsite open all year, but it's not impossible. With a bit of planning you will soon be sipping Sangria in the sun, after a relaxed journey through France.

These sites have all been selected with caravans in mind, but are just as welcoming for motorhomes. If as a motorhomer you prefer not to use the Aires or wild camp, then have a look at these sites.

For larger motorhomes, we recommend selecting sites with hard standing pitches, as weather can be unpredictable in winter!

Pas de Calais - Le Bois Groult, Henneveux Le Plouy

Good for:

  • Access to Calais

The Loire - Camping La Touche

Good for:

  • Those who use the A10

  • An easy half day drive away from the Northern Ports

  • Hard standing courtyard available for the off season.

"Good half way point after arriving in the North of France"

Charente - Camping Le Paradis, Mareuil

Good for:

  • A stop close to the N10 (Poitiers/Angoulême)

  • Hard standing pitches

"Dog owners will like the enclosed field onsite"

South West France - Camping Larrouleta

Good For:

  • Those travelling on the West Coast

  • If you want to stay longer than an over night - heated shower block and indoor pool

This List is not Exhaustive!

The above are my picks for a smooth journey from the North of France into Spain. But the list is not exhaustive. A reliable search method is the Pitch Up website as you can tailor the search for touring caravan pitches. I was having issues with other Open All Year search sites when in fact the campsites were only open for motorhomes (or in one case was actually a residential static park!).

I like Pitch Up as the campsite owners can make changes to their listing during the season. Other sites, such as ACSI, publish the information a year in advance so if anything happens then the owners can't update the information.

So far, Pitch Up has been reliable but I of course would love to hear your feedback.

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