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Technical Tips: Maintaining your Alde Heating System

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Alde Heating Systems are fitted by many manufacturers, allowing us campers more comfort away from home. But they do need a little TLC during the season to keep things working as they should.

Alde Control Panel

As an Alde mobile agent, Caravan Help Abroad has seen our fair share of problems, including some costly boiler repairs and in the worst cases, a complete new system. What we've learnt is some of these expensive fixes could've been avoided with a few tips.

Avoid expensive repairs by keeping your boiler looked after during the season.

Tip #1 - Check your Heating Fluid Level

Your fluid matters. Anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial, this protects your heater from the inside out and prevents rotting of the seals. Your tank will have minimum and maximum guidelines printed on the tank. We recommned not letting the level drop to below 1 cm above the marked minimum line.

Tip #2 - Check Your Heating Fluid Quality

Does it smell fishy? Have particles floating in it? Is it an odd colour (not pink)? Then these are signs it needs changing, regardless of the date it went in.

"Corrosion damage caused by substandard heating fluid is not covered by warranty." – Alde

Tip #3 - Remember When Your Fluid Change is Due

The fluid is a consumable item and has to be replaced before it stops providing protection (lubrication and rustproofing).

If it is pink (magenta) in colour then it has a 5 year life span. Be careful as some dealers fill new vehicles with blue fluid which only has a 2 year life span.

If you don't know when the fluid was last changed we suggest you change it as soon as possible to be safe.

Tip #4 - Inspect the Boiler Flue Hoses

At the start of each season, inspect the boiler’s flue hoses. They should be secured, undamaged, and clear of obstructions.

Tip #5 - Drain Off and Refill the System every 2 weeks

Technically known as Repairing the Air Cushion, this is only relevant to those using the system continously. It`s easier than it sounds. See this Alde video:

Tip #6 - Bleed Your System

Air can sperate from the fluid and accumulate in the pipes. This can cause ineffeciency over time, but can also contribute to the heating system being a bit noisy.

Instructions of how to bleed your system are in your manual.

Follow these tips and enjoy cosy Autumn evenings and warm water for many seasons to come

Caravan Help Abroad are registed Alde Mobile Agents.

Please contact us for an Alde repair or to change your Heating Fluid.

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