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Storage Solutions from FR Assistance

Caravan Help Abroad work closely with caravan and motorhome storage facilities, somewhere you can leave your vehicle all year round. We were lucky enough to be put in touch with FR Assistance and their storage network.

We find FR Assistance very professional and we respect their high quality customer service.

We caught up with Dries de Bont, founder/manager of FR Assistance this month. We thought we'd share some of his answers to our questions with you.

What does FR Assistance do?

Fr Assistance is a Dutch organization that takes care of the mediation between vehicle owners and storage owners in looking for a suitable storage for the caravan or motorhome in France.

Fr Assistance currently works with 25 French storages. These are mainly located in the center and south of France, including in the popular holiday regions of Ardèche, Drôme, Provence and Dordogne.

Parking facilities are close to the Autoroute du Soleil, the A7 motorway, in the Valence / Montelimar region.

How does the customer benefit?

The benefits for the customer rest in the fact that they gain considerable savings on tolls and fuel by storing in France. Moreover, their journey will pass smoother and more relaxed.

How do Fr Assistance choose their storage locations?

The parking facilities that are included in the network by Fr Assistance are located in the most touristic regions in France, where most requests for parking come from, of course. Fr Assistance personally visits these storages, meets the owner and ensures that the procedures are discussed.

Is there undercover storage available?

Most parking facilities in the network offer options for both outdoor and covered parking. Of course there is a difference in price between an outdoor storage and a covered storage.

Do you have to store for a year or is short term storage available?

The contract duration is flexible: customers can also drive to France during Spring and leave the caravan in one of the storage sites for a few months, until the summer holidays. In that case, they only pay for a few months.

What if the customer wants to fly into France?

Some storages in the Fr Assistance network are located around an airport. For example the storin Marcheprime, which is located in the Bordeaux area. This enables motorhome owners to leave their vehicle in storage and then fly back to the UK. The storage owner provides a shuttle service to the airport. And in case this shuttle service isn’t provided, Fr Assistance will try to find a taxi for its customers.

What if the customer no longer tows, can the caravan be towed to a campsite?

Different storage sites in the network of Fr Assistance do have the possibility to tow the caravan to a campsite of your choice, so you no longer have to pick up the caravan. The storage will charge some additional costs for this service.

Who do we contact , Fr Assistance or the storage owner?

Fr Assistance is the direct contact before, during and after the period of caravan storage. Fr Assistance is in direct contact with the storage locations and therefore ensures that its customers are informed quickly in case of questions / problems.

If you have any questions then please contact Dries at

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