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Spring/Summer 2022 Locations

Happy New Year! Is anyone else sat at home freezing, feeling like January is the longest month and looking forward to time away in the future. Well this is exactly what I'm doing so I've started planning our Spring/Summer Work Run. I love looking at campsites, and recommendations so if anyone has any good ideas of places to go then let us know in the comments below.

Second year in a row we've spent at home in the cold months. We were reminiscing about our time at Camping Playa Tropicana on the Caravan and Camping Club Rally in 2020, back when Covid was something that was happening very far away! We do miss those Sunday afternoon street parties, meeting new people in the sun.

Warranty Services in Spain

We won't be skipping Spain all together though and we hope to be saying Hola to our Spanish based customers from mid March.

It will sadly have to be a short trip though. We will be going to Camping Playa Tropicana in Alcossebre, and Camping Vila Nova Park outside Barcelona as we have done before, but we have managed to add two extra stops: Camping Bella Vista in Manilva and Camping Javea in Alicante. If anyone will be on these sites at the same time as us and find yourselves in need of a service or repair, then get in touch.

Caravan Motorhome Services and Repairs in France

As you all know, France is where we spend the majority of our time, and is our home. The map shows our stops so far, but we are always open to adding more, get in touch if you need an extra stop!

We love France, and visiting all our base sites. We've got a few new ones on the list this year, that will be fun, and we are very much looking forward to returning back to those we already know. There is something lovely about going back to somewhere you have been before and enjoyed.

How do you book a service?

Even though the map shows quite a few base sites, how we manage to work them all is due to planning!

We ask that people book early in the year if they can. That gives me a chance to see how many jobs we have at each location. From there I can work out a schedule. There is always leeway, but once we have left a location, we can't guarantee we will be back there immediately. Some places we can visit a few times a year, but some destinations (Alicante is a great example of this) we will only be there once a year.

If we can't be at your location, then we will always let you know where we are, or give you our route, to try and see if we can meet up somewhere.

We hope to see you all soon! Safe travels from Kris, Alydia & Lox the dog

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