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Spotlight On: Camping Los Olivos

Alcala di Xivert, Castellon, Spain

XL pitches, beautiful panoramas and a sense of peace and quiet.

This hidden gem campsite won’t be hidden much longer, especially as it has partnered with the Camping & Caravan Club as a Winter Sun Rally destination.

Caravan Help Abroad at Los Olivos

The church seen in the distance

Reception – closes at 7pm

Originlly developed to be a golf course, local planning permission problems have been the camping communities gain.

Only in it’s third year, the facilities are improving every season. My secret sources tell me the owners are very reactive to feedback, and are adapting the site to campers needs (such as starting to gravel the dirt pitches).


The superior pitches are situated in front of the club house, offer the best views on the campsite and are among the biggest I’ve seen in Spain; 150m2, fully serviced and with 16amp electricity included in the price you can be sure to run your electric heater over night to combat the mountain chill. Although it is a young site, there are considerate touches like hedges between you and your neighbour.

Pitch on Calle Aloe, North East Side

Pitch on Calle Los Olivos, South West Side

Pitch on Calle Los Olivos, North East Side

For those with different priorities, there are also standard pitches just at the entrance of the campsite. At 6m x 9m and no boundary markings they may not suit every outfit, but priced at 5€ (correct at time of writing) per night, during our visit they were just as popular as the Superior pitches. You can pay extra for water and/or electricity. The compromise with the standard pitches is their distance to the facilities. I have ringed where the standard pitches are:

Site Plan

Standard Pitches

The ‘Club House’

With a real hint to the buildings original purpose as a golf club house, the owners have made a real effort to make the building feel luxurious. A curved building with terrace makes the most of the views, and I imagine many campers have spent a moment on the terrace, appreciating the vast views over the mountains and Spanish rooftops.

View from the Terrac

The onsite bar and restaurant is modern and spacious. I can imagine relaxing on one of those sofas with a café con leche, admiring the view. Or maybe something a bit stronger if there is a sports game on the big screen!

Dining side

Casual side

The same building also houses the shower/WC rooms, washing up sinks and laundry. Those who are pitched further away from these facilities will stay fit and healthy during their stay!

There is also a selection of large function rooms that are available for Rally events.

Keep Fit

For those who aren’t content to just sit and admire the view all day, the site also has a pool and gym. My secret sources also tell me that by next winter the owners hope their outdoor unheated pool, will in fact become covered and heated.

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Gym

Indoor Gym


Situated a ten minute walk away from the town of Alcala de Xivert, the town’s church steeple is visable from the site and it’s bells can be heard ringing in the distance. It’s a bit sleepy, but has a nice charm. We didn’t try any but saw a few choices of bars and restaurants. Alcala de Xivert has a supermarket and a weekly market. This is important as Los Olivos doesn’t have anywhere on site to buy essentials, although I did hear that the owners are considering a small shop in the bar area for essentials. Watch this space!

If any one has photos of the town then I would love to see your snaps! Feel free to share them in the comments below.


The access to the site isn’t great but manageable. Upon arrival you drive via the one way system in the town. Some of the streets are narrow but wide enough for caravan, and at least you know you won’t meet anyone coming the other way! I would pay attention to the Sat Nav though as it could be a bit stressful if you ended up on the wrong road. Look out for the Los Olivos signs.

We arrived in our Renault Traffic and were fine, and on site we saw campers whose car and twin axle caravan were longer than 10 metres and they made it.

Friday is market day in the town though – if possible try and avoid arriving from 9am until 1pm. Unless you like angry orange sellers…

Leaving the site is a bit different. As the town is a one way system you don’t leave the same way you arrive. Campervans will be fine and shorter tow car/caravan set ups will manage if they are capable drivers but I suggest you cycle/walk it through before you leave to assess it.

There is an alternative route to leave the campsite though. Rather than turning right into the town, you can go straight onto the olive grove farmers’ roads. The road is wide and, rough in places but tarmarked. There was just one section with a bit of a dip that was a bit difficult. Also, there is one blind corner and if you were being cautious, the passenger could walk ahead and check for oncoming farm vehicles. It brings you into an industrial estate and from there it is easy to get to the N340.

You could also arrive via this route but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are not familiar with the route – there are no signs and the sat nav is not much help. I have tried to highlight the route from google maps but I have done this since arriving home – if anyone has a better version feel free to contact me.

The route that avoids the town centre

I wish that we had video-ed our drive along the track – if any you helpful campers are reading this before your visit, please feel free to add a video in the comments below.

The campsite is still relatively new and I do think that once it develops and the local businesses see the benefit, the council may start paying attention. If the road could be given a little care and development it could provide a good route in and out of the campsite, bypassing the town centre.

Ok well that’s it. All this is just my personal opinion and I am not sponsored by any of the campsites I Spotlight.

If anyone has any first hand experience from Los Olivos, I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Alydia x

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