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Spotlight On: Bella Vista

Winter Sun, Sea and Sand

Medium sized site on the beachfront with great onsite facilities

We arrived early February 2023 and the site was sold out. And we're not surprised, the location is great, we just turned off the A7 straight onto the site. The campsite is on a beautiful stretch of beach framed by boardwalk paths, and in walking distance to the local town and marina. Dos cervezas por favor!

And if you don't fancy the walk, then the onsite bar restaurant and small shop will see you right. The restaurant food was good, catering to the international crowd, as is the bar. The drinks prices are a little more than in town, with a pint and a white wine coming in at 7.40 €, but cheaper than the port where there same round cost 8.50 €. The bar is where the entertainment is. This is us during the 6 Nations, watching Wales getting served by Ireland , and on weekends there's live performances and no entry fee. It was an Elvis impersonator for our visit.

A word on the pitches, apparantley some are better than others. I've heard complaints that some of the roadside pitches can be a bit noisy and to get on some of the pitches can be difficult. We used our motor mover to get on our pitch, we were on 112. Had it not been full we could've towed it on, and as soon as we pulled up there were friendly faces offering to help us on. So even if you've no mover, I'd say you could rely on a helping hand. We're a nice bunch us campers!

I also had a walk around and saw quite a few large vehicles. I've tried to get the pitch numbers on the photos so those with similar vehicles know which pitch to go for - when you book online you select the pitch. Also some pitchses are shadier than others as the sire has a lot of trees. Obviously this depends on the time of the year but our friends on 126 didn't get much sun and it seemed that the row 100 - 105 were half shade. 110 was a large pitch and in the sun.

I think the pitch was big enough for a caravan and an awning. If it is a bit tight though, there are overflow car parks where you could put your car, one at the entrance and on by the pool.

I would also say that even though the site was sold out, it was really quiet at night, and I know it depends on who your neighbours are, but on our visit everyone seemed like minded and here to relax.

We are looking forward to our 6 night stay. If you would like to visit I suggest you book in advance as it's a popular spot!

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