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Your European home, your holiday home, where the vehicle is stored or we can meet you during your holiday

As full time residents of Europe, we spend most of the year on the road working throughout France and Spain.

We do have a selection campsites and storage units that we visit each year, so if your caravan is stored on one of these, then no mileage fee will apply.

This list is growing regularly, so if you don't see your desired location on the list, then let us know.

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Campsites with storage 
Our favourites, our base sites


Languedoc & Provence...

Coming soon!

In 2021 we are hoping to find our perfect base sites in the Languedoc and Provence regions. Watch this space!

Do you have a favourite campsite in these regions?

Camping Playa Tropicana

Costa del Azahar, Spain

On one of the less built up Costas, this beachside campsite has all the onsite amenities, including weekly entertainment. The rural Castellon is still largely un-developed and there is lots to discover. Perfect for a winter sun break. No storage but annual pitches

Vivier aux Carpes

Saint-Quentin, France

Located a short drive away from Saint-Quentin, this campsite is ideal for lovers of nature and fishing. A new restaurant and covered pool was installed in 2020.

Camping Saint Louis

Pas-de-Calais, France

20km from Calais, with convenient ‘passage’ pitches, this site is a great location for ferry or tunnel crossings. A dog exercise area, complete with toys, is perfect for pooches about to go on a long journey.

Moulin de Campech

Lot-et-Garonne, France

Ideal for exploring France’s rural South-West, although with it’s own fishing lake, swimming pool and on-site restaurant you may never feel the need to venture far.

Camping Neuville

Le Mans, France

Great motorway access & walking distance to all the amenities, this is perfect for a stop over. But with a strong sense of nature you may want to stay longer at this river-side site.

Camping Sous Les Etoiles

Normandy, France

Perfect for those who travel on the Caen or Le Havre crossings and wishing to explore the D-Day beaches, sample the local cider and discover all that Normandy has to offer.

Camping Beau Rivage

Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Situated a stone’s throw from the river  and a short walk to the beautiful walled village of Navarrenx, this family run campsite has everything you need.


Arrange to meet us on one of these base sites and we guarantee no mileage fee


Storage Units

Bought to you by FR Assistance

We work in conjunction with FR Assistance, a Dutch company with a network of caravan and motorhome storage in France. They have a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, spread throughout France, so if you don't want to be fixed to a particular campsite then this could be a good choice for you.


This Quarter's Schedule

  • Provence and Occitaine, Initial Visit!
    Spring in South East France
    Provence, France
    Spring in South East France
    Provence, France
    We are on the look out for a new base site in this region, one that will be a great addition to Caravan Help Abroad's annual tour. Watch this space!
  • Normandy Visit
    Camping Sous Les Etoiles late May 2021
    Normandy, France
    Camping Sous Les Etoiles late May 2021
    Normandy, France
    We will be staying on our favourite Normandy site, Camping Sous Les Etoiles. Either meet us there or contact us for a quote for a different location.
  • South West France
    Summer in Navarrenx, Pyrénées Atlantique
    Navarrenx 64190
    Summer in Navarrenx, Pyrénées Atlantique
    Navarrenx 64190
    Spending the summer sun at home in Navarrenx, no mileage charges will apply if you come and meet us at Camping Beau Rivage

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